OutlookReminder Documentation

What is OutlookReminder?

This is a Microsoft Outlook addin for making telephone reminder calls for appointments. For this release, it is free and there is no time limit. You will also need to have Voicent Gateway from Voicent Communications. Their website is at http://www.voicent.com. There is a shareware version of the program you can download. Voicent Gateway is the program that actually makes the telephone calls.

How do I use OutlookReminder?

Once you are done with installation, you can setup phone reminder call for your appointments. Simply click on the Reminder Call page of your appointment and select the phone options. If you leave the "call this number" blank, no phone call will be made. (This is the default). At the appointment reminder time, a telephone call will be made to the number you specified.


(1). Download Voicent Gateway from Voicent Communications' website. You can download Voicent AutoReminder which contains Voicent Gateway. Follow the instruction to install Voicent Gateway. For OutlookReminder, it is optional to install AutoReminder.

(2). Download OutlookReminder. Unzip the file into a installation directory.

(3). Run olremind.exe. Go to the main menu, select Setup. Set up the Voicent Gateway host name and port number. Also type in your name and phone number. Quit the program. Note, you only need to run this program once to set up OutlookReminder.

(4). Install a customized form to Outlook. The file is remindercall.oft in your installation directory. See the next section if you do not know how to do this step.

That's it.

Install a custom form to Outlook

(1).From Outlook Tools menu, select Forms and then select Design a Form.... In the Look In box, select User Templates in File System. Click Browse, and browse to the OutlookReminder installation directory, then select the remindercall.oft. Select Enable Macros if prompted.

(2).In the opened appointment window Tools menu, select Forms, and Publish Form. In the dialog, select the folder you want this form to be in. For example, you can select Personal Forms Library. Then save it as ReminderCall.

(3).Set the new form as your default for the calendar folder. Right click on Calendar Icon, select Properties. In the When posting to this folder, use: box, select the saved form. Select OK

Once you install the ReminderCall form, your appointment dialog will contain an additional page called "Reminder Call". There you can select "call me", or "call this number" for your appointment reminder calls.