OutlookReminder Project Abstract

OutlookReminder is an open source project for adding appointment phone reminders to Microsoft Outlook.

Please note that if you do not have Microsoft Outlook, you can use Voicent AutoReminder for telephone appointment reminders. The software is widely used in hospitals and medical offices for patient appointment reminders. A free, shareware edition of the software can be downloaded from Voicent's web site.

The project is written as a Microsoft Outlook COM add-on. The software utilizes Voicent Gateway, an W3C standard based VoiceXML gateway, to make appointment reminder phone calls.

The telephone reminder capability solves the problem of not getting the appointment reminder from screen popup or email when you are away from your computer. The project adds a Reminder Call tab to the new appointment window as shown below. To set up a phone reminder, all you need to do is select telephone reminder for the appointment, and choose Call me or specify another phone number under Call This Number. At the time for the reminder call, the system automatically makes a reminder call to the phone number specified.

appointment reminders


OutlookReminder is freeware. The shareware version of Voicent AutoReminder (contains Voicent Gateway) is also free.

And Open Source

You can also get the source code for OutlookReminder.

Key Features

  • Simple to use. Only need to set up the appointment reminder time and appointment reminder phone number.
  • Computer reads the appointment subject, location, time to start by use text-to-speech technology. Thus the phone appointment reminder covers the key appointment information.
  • Able to connect to Voicent Gateway in a different machine. Ideal for a networked environment to share one Gateway.

How does it work

  • In additional to setting normal items in Outlook, set up reminder call for the appointment in the Customized "reminder call" page.
  • At the reminder time, Outlook pops up the regular alert window. At the same time, an appointment reminder call is made to the phone specified.
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